Greetings and welcome to the brand new Speech Language Network Blog! We are so happy you found us. My name is Kara Broks and I am the director of the Speech Language Network in Saskatoon, SK and a practicing Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). I became an SLP a little over nine years ago and have had the great fortune of loving what I do from day one. Over the past nine years I have worked in education and health settings as well as in the private sector. Although I enjoyed my time working in public environments my heart was always with my private clients who I was able to work with on a weekly basis. My one-on-one work allowed me to have true human connection with the individuals and groups I was able to work with and in turn, positive therapy results.

After many great years of balancing a private practice and working in different settings my husband and I felt it was time to for me to focus my time and energy on our young family and working part time as a private SLP.  In the summer of 2014 the Speech Language Network opened. It was an exciting time, I was able to spend more time with my family and work part time doing what I loved most, helping people communicate and find their best voice. The Speech Language Network quickly grew. Heather Tremblay, SLP joined us in the fall of 2014 and by the winter of 2015 we were ecstatic to have a full time operating Private Speech Language Pathology Practice in Saskatoon.

Strong communication skills and helping individuals believe in themselves to be the best communicators they can be is at the heart of what we do. Communication starts at birth with a baby’s first cries and coos and is with us throughout our lifetime. Our job as therapists is to ensure that people of all ages have a voice and a way to communicate their thoughts and ideas. Whats my ip It is a basic human right and imperative for successful human connection and well-being.

This blog was created for people who are interested in;

  • Learning more about communication
  • Hearing health and aural rehabilitation
  • Gaining knowledge on how to support those with speech language delays and difficulties
  • Acquiring new ways of learning
  • Becoming stronger communicators

Over the next few months, we will have posts from our team of professionals in the following areas;

  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Audiology
  • Education (Literacy Development & Intervention)

Our team is amazing and passionate about communication, the learning process, and supporting people in being the best communicators they can be. We invite you to spread the word, browse through our beautiful new website, follow our blog and checkout our Facebook page as we continue on our exiting communication journey.


All the best,

Kara Broks

Director & Speech Language Pathologist