A colleague of mine recently posted this video, and it dusted off a simple but powerful truth about my profession for me. What it revealed was something I always knew, of course. But, as I watched this video, I was reminded how lucky I am. What a gift to work with such exceptional people every day! Authentic, unique, remarkably charismatic and truly talented. Words so accurate become pale descriptors when compared to the reality of the amazing people who make our world so bright.

Be exceptional

Normal is exhausting. Let someone else worry about it. We certainly don’t do normal at SLN. This week, I will train with a national athlete gearing up to be one of the strongest and most accomplished presenters in her University classes. I’ll also have the opportunity to travel to a multi-dimensional universe where a little girl with a huge cartoon writer imagination will teach me about time outside of space and what it means to be a hero. And, later, I’ll spar with an uncompromisingly endearing young man with autism who will challenge the foundations I unwittingly safeguard as my version of the world. Whats my ip . Lucky is another pale descriptor when compared to the richness of a week surrounded by such singular personalities.

Being you is a great place to start

My take away for you this week? Always be you, find you voice and dream big!

Have a fantastic week everyone, and be sure to check out Oliver’s journey
with photography!