5 Reasons Why Reading Aloud To Your Child Is Essential To Their Future Success

  1. The Bond building

Life is busy. We get that. But just 15 minutes of reading aloud to your child each day can make a world of difference to the kind of success they experience in the future. And the bonds you build with your child and the child with you will last a lifetime. Plus, the bonds they build in their young, developing brains and the connections made with images, colours, words, and sound rhythms will increase their chances of social and economic successes.

  1. The Value transfer

By showing your child you value literacy through the simple act of reading aloud to them just 15 minutes a day, you instill a curiosity of the world and desire to learn. These two simple things are the foundations of a successful experience of school and an ability to hold a job or build a business later in life.

  1. The Cornerstone of Learning

But it’s important to remember literacy is more than simply being read to or reading. Just 15 minutes of reading aloud also provides various levels of sensory experience and learning opportunities. In addition to the content of the books, the child learns sounds, colours, intonations, behavioral models, and the value of patience. Plus, they learn how to teach. And learning how to teach is an important part of learning to learn.

  1. The Scholastic Success

We’ve all been told you need to know how to read to succeed. That’s true. But before your child can learn how to read and write, they need plenty of experience with pictures and objects, words and letters, and sounds. Just 15 minutes of reading aloud to them every day will help set these building blocks.

  1. The Economic Success

We all want what’s best for your kids’ futures. Part of a successful future means holding down a job. Whether self-employed or employed by someone else, productive adult life begins with literacy. More than 80% of people with the lowest literacy skills are unemployed, and there are clear links between literacy, employment stability, scholastic achievements, and overall economic status.

15 minutes a day is so easy to provide, and the positive effects last a lifetime

Make sure your child can be all they were meant to be. Read to them every day.