We live in a very peculiar time. LED lit screens have replaced faces. Text / fonts have replaced audible words and we have replaced eye contact for “eyes down” at our technology devices. Many of us born before 1994 have seen this transformation first hand. We’ve also been experiencing an epidemic of over-scheduled families leaving little room for time to “just talk”. The essential art of live conversation has been disintegrating into awkward communication enhanced by strange body language. So, how do we foster the face-to-face dialogue in a society that values emoji’s over physical communication and activities over family time?

We have found, fostered and believe in a program developed to do just that!

Colour My Conversation© is a 12-week program, hosted by SLN, that guides children through the conversational flow. Beginning with a greeting the program focuses on growing well-rounded conversationalists. This includes sensory, auditory, social awareness and self-regulation tools. The program is flexible and well-rounded that it can be stretched across the spectrum.

Your child/teen/adolescent may benefit from the program if he/she:

  • Have troubles initiating conversations and social interactions
  • Are socially anxious or awkward
  • Have Asperger syndrome / High Functioning Autism
  • Have a Language Learning Delay
  • Have ADHD
  • Have a Fluency or articulation struggles
  • Have a mild intellectual disability

What types of teaching strategies are employed:

  • Colour coding
  • Gestural Communication
  • Meaningful Eye contact
  • Daily Routines
  • Interactive Games
  • Role Plays
  • Audio Recordings
  • Worksheets
  • Video Recordings

By using such a variety of teaching strategies, Colour my Conversation© keeps students interested, engaged and excited. Now, more than ever, the need for programs like Colour my Conversation are integral in keeping verbal communication alive.

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To learn more, check out Colour my Conversation© online.

colour my conversation saskatoon speech pathologistThis program is designed for children from K-Grade 7 but can be translated across the ages.

Keep the conversation flowing!