What IS your voice? How do you FIND it? What is the impact on your life after finding your voice?

Let’s start with the what. Your voice, is your unique and audible instrument that you use to communicate with the world. Your voice helps to tell the world who you are and what you are feeling. Your voice is more than just the words you say. Let’s first look at the different components to voice; there’s a bunch.

  • Pitch – the rate of vibration within the vocal cords
  • Voice Quality – the natural and distinctive tone of the speech sounds
  • Loudness – the clarity in which others can hear
  • Resonance – the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating
  • Articulation – the way you pronounce your words
  • Phrasing – the words you use
  • Pacing – how quickly you speak
  • Melodic Intonation – the tone and inflection combined
  • Fluency – how freely your words flow

Now, how do you find this magical instrument? Or a better question,  how do you control it to reflect your personality? Well, turns out we know all about it and can help you wield it’s power over your communication!  That’s right, you can get your voice to work for you. And more importantly we can help you live your life out loud so that people can hear the real you.

What happens if your natural voice is stopping you from living the life you want?

We can help you. We have experience with several voice programs including The Source For Voice and the Exceptional Voice programs http://www.exceptionalvoice.com/eva/ . We want to help you be your natural self.

What we are actually doing through this work,  is therapy. Think of it as a physical therapist for your voice.  We can train your voice to reflect your identity.

There’s even an app for this.

Speech “Therapy” could understandably make an impact on your life. If you are feeling misunderstood or misheard because your voice is not reflecting the intention of your words then it may be affecting your confidence. If we can relieve the problem by training your vocal cords to use the proper tone, inflection and articulation then imagine the freedom you would finally feel. Your voice is a dynamic component of your personality so if you feel your voice is not yours then how can you really be yourself? You may not have to live that way anymore.

  • Voice therapy for vocal misuse (loss of voice, nodules, etc)
  • Impediment (fluency, speech, tone, pitch)
  • Surgery/stroke recovery
  • Transgender MtF, FtM

SLN can help you. Call us.