Speech Pathology is the study and treatment of speech and language problems. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s) are trained clinicians that help patients with a variety of speech, language, social and overall communication problems. The most well-known area of treatment is for those individuals with speech impediments such as stuttering, lisps and pronunciation problems. However, Speech pathologists often do more than that.

A Speech Pathologist can help create fluid and effective verbal communication in individuals that feel they are not being “heard” properly. At the Speech Language Network (SLN) we have a variety of programs that help children, teens and adults with multiple speech related problems.

For example;

  • Our Early Childhood Communication Program program deals with small children that have delayed speech development, otherwise known as “late talkers”. These little ones are treated by one of our talented Speech Pathologists to get those words flowing when they haven’t been before.
  • Our Accent Reduction Program is geared towards those individuals whose first language is not English and wish to enhance their personal and professional lives by reducing their natural accent for clearer communication in the workplace and the community.
  • Colour My Conversation is a program that helps children and adolescents with the tools needed to join in on social and educational conversation when speaking is either difficult or disjointed. 

Speech Pathology is also a great option for patients who have suffered injury or illness. For example; those recovering from brain injuries such as head trauma or stroke where the language area of the brain has been impacted. These patients can work with a Speech Pathologist to reconnect the language centers so they have a better chance of communicating with others.

One other area that Speech Pathology can be useful is to those with hearing impairments. When a patient is deaf or hard of hearing, it is often difficult if not impossible for them to hear what they sound like to others. An experienced Speech Pathologist can train these individuals to pronounce their words and use their voice to communicate where they may not have been able to before.

If you, your child, or someone you know is struggling with their communication skills, the SLN would love to help. We have a team of dedicated and qualified Speech Pathologists who will work with you and your family to relieve the problems you are facing, and will help support you with your communication journey. Please contact us today for more information about the services we provide.