Professional work environments and secondary academic programs are not all about work and academics. These environments play an important role in making social connections and figuring out the necessary skills to succeed in social environments. Led by a Speech Language Pathologist, this program was designed for post-secondary students and working professionals. Sessions focus on teaching basic communication techniques to foster social networking and how to connect to listeners more effectively. The goal is to provide and support participants with the knowledge and practical experience to grow into a confident, effective, personable communicators in a welcoming environment.

Evaluation Requirement: A 30 minute intake review is required for all new clients. The cost of the intake is $65.00. To schedule an intake review, please email or call 306 933 3222.

Age: 21+

When: Tuesday evenings  7:30pm -9pm

Dates: June 6th, 13th, 27th / July 4th, 11th & 18th

Cost: $225.00

June 6,13,27 July 4,11,18
Chatterbox Speech Camp

Designed to provide adults with opportunities to explore social language concepts, mechanics of conversations and develop tools to address areas of interpersonal skills and social thinking. Led by a Speech Language Pathologist, this program was designed to support individuals with a range of abilities and exceptionalities. Classes focus on emotional expression, perspective taking, personal problem solving, effective speaking and social relationship skills for use in the community, home and work setting.

*For the most effective outcomes, a mentor is strongly encouraged to attend the group with the participant.

Evaluation Requirement:  An initial consultation and formal speech language and social language assessment is required for all new clients. To schedule a consultation and formal assessment, please email or call 306 933 3222.

Age: 18+

When: Wednesday evenings  7:30pm -9pm (*extended hours on outings)

Dates: May 10th, 24th / June 7th & 14th / July 5th & 19th / August 9th

June 6,13,27 July 4,11,18

Other Programs & Direct Services

  • Speech Therapy to support the precision of speech when saying difficult sounds.
  • Dysarthria Therapy and Support (difficulty with speech typically following a stroke or injury)
  • Language Therapy and Support for understanding, expression, reasoning, comprehension and understanding humour)
  • Stuttering Therapy to improve the fluency and flow of speech
  • Voice Therapy for disorders that include inappropriate pitch, quality, intonation, loudness and/or vocal loss.
  • Accent and Voice modification therapy to refine pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and more while improving English grammar and communication skills.
  • Social Language Thinking from everyday language usage to appropriate interpretation and response to context, the SLN can help you excel in social situations.