What is a Speech Language Therapy Assistant?

 A Speech Language Therapy Assistant provides direct services under the supervision of a qualified speech – language pathologist.

Is there a need for Speech Language Therapy Assistants?

In a time of heightened demand for cost efficiency, some tasks may be more appropriate for a speech therapy assistant than a certified speech language pathologist. The use of an assistant can allow certified speech-language pathologists to focus more on higher level clinical services (i.e., those that require ongoing clinical judgment) rather than on established treatment plans and goals. It also may provide families and clients with the opportunity to extend their services with more frequency and intensity.

What qualifications do they have?

Speech Language Therapy Assistants graduate from a formal communication health assistant program and have training in; anatomy, physiology, hearing, speech language development, clinical procedures, equipment and caseload management. They complete a great deal of course work and a minimum of 200 hours in clinical placements.

Where can a Speech Language Therapy assistant go to school?

Currently, there are ten (10) accredited programs located across Canada: http://www.sac-oac.ca/students/supportive-personnel-academic-programs

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