Why Accent Modification Therapy?

An accent can be charming, distinctive and unique to your linguistic character.

However, if people are listening more to HOW you speak than WHAT you are saying you may begin to feel like your accent is becoming a deterrent to your professional and social growth.

Effective communication is integral to succeeding professionally, in school and in life. If you are having trouble being heard for what you are saying or if you feel frustrated that you are often misunderstood, the Speech Language Pathologists at the SLN can help!

How working with a registered Speech Language Pathologist can benefit you?

  • reduce your accent; and
  • increase your effective communication skills

Our accent modification program includes; 

  • Accent Reduction training
  • Support to hear the difference between correct and incorrect Canadian-English Pronunciation
  • Engaging and meaningful exercises for speech sound errors, intonation and grammar
  • Workplace Terminology (medical, business and education based)
  • Oral reading of language related to your business/profession
  • Communication Strategies ( meetings, telephone conversations, sales, customer service)
  • Conversational techniques and common phrases
  • Speech Presentation and delivery
  • Grammar and writing skills improvement

Unlock your potential with Adult Speech Therapy for Accent Modification

At the SLN, we want you be the confident and effective communicator we know you can be -proudly communicating socially and in the workplace.

Start being heard for WHAT you are saying and not HOW you are saying it.

Let’s start making your accent work for you! To learn more about the services offered at the Speech Language Network, please visit www.thesln.com.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Speech Language Network Team