Meet Ashish Kopargaonkar, Ph. D candidate, Pharmacology, University of Saskatchewan.

Ashish recently completed our accent, stuttering and voice program offered here at the Speech Language Network in Saskatoon. He was dedicated to the training process and his speaking confidence and cutting edge research landed him a spot at the Council of Canadian Academics on Parliament Hill this past week.

“Kara, it was an amazing experience. At first I was overwhelmed to be in the presence of some esteemed academicians and industry people. I was a nervous wreck the night before,however, I was constantly reading your tips and practiced our breathing exercises to get over the nervous energy”

“The moment I went through the first sentence, I was good, one by one the words started flowing and my confidence grew with each passing sentence. I loosened up, took the required pauses and delivered my presentation.”

“It was good. The other delegates responded well to my presentation.”

Ashish spoke with regards to his research on: The implementation and evaluation of clinical pathways in hospitals; effect on length of stay, hospital costs and professional outcomes. This work is important as it can make an impact on the decisions that will be made pertaining to the research that will be conducted in the country within the health sciences domain.

Ashish, I am incredibly proud of all you have accomplished academically and professionally. Your work ethic, dedication to the communication process and your incredible research can and will continue to be acknowledged and credited for years to come. All the best to you as you continue with your research and move through the interview process. The team that lands your talent, will be lucky to have you.

Yours in communication,

Kara Broks 

Founder of the Speech Language Network, Ltd. 

Reg. Speech Language Pathologist

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