AGES:         18+

DATE:         Sunday, August 30th

TYPE:          Day long

TIME:          9:30 am – 3:30 pm


Communication Training Program for Professional and Students is a day-long intensive workshop which includes an actionable communication plan, meeting people in a supportive learning environment, an opportunity to connect and share stories about communication triumphs and areas that are hard, and gaining a stronger sense of self and confidence when speaking.

This is for you if:

  • You want to improve your conversational skills
  • You’re somewhere between conversant and fluent
  • You’re in business and want a better command of the use of language
  • You speak with an accent and would like to refine it
  • You’d like to be better understood by other people
  • You’d like to better understand other people (social nuances, inflections)
  • You’d like to understand different personality types
  • You have anxiety in speaking with others
  • You’d like to feel more confident about mingling with strangers, or people you don’t know really well
  • You’d like to broaden your social circles and get out more but feel hampered by the way you talk and communicate
  • People have trouble understanding you (or perceive you the wrong way)
  • You don’t know what people mean by “the art of conversation” 

In these sessions you will learn how to develop and improve:

  • The use of your breath as it relates to the control of voice projection, fluency, effective speaking and enunciation
  • Your ability to express your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely and be readily understood
  • Your conversation skills with peers and colleagues at school, in the work place, and out in the community
  • Your understanding and use of the various social nuances of language such as sarcasm, humour, figurative language, slang

Investment: $240