SLN Clinic Policies & Ensuring your Safety

SLN covid mask

Cancellation policies

 Your scheduled session time is booked specifically for you. We are dedicated to the therapy / training process and are committed to supporting our clients through their communication and learning journey.  

Please note that our start and end of sessions times need to be strictly respected due to client demand. This means that for in-person consults, we will need you to be ready and waiting for us a few minutes before your session, and for consults by videoconference, we need you to be signed in and ready to go at your appointed time.

We will do our best to provide services if you are a few minutes late. If you are very late, we may be forced to treat the appointment as a cancellation.

 Where an appointment for the delivery of the services is canceled by the client / guardian, they will pay The Speech Language Network:

         a) $ 0.00 if the cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

        b) 100% of the scheduled payment if the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, or if you don’t let us know (otherwise known as a “no-show.”)

         c) For extenuating circumstances (for example: icy rural roads / highways, flu / cold, awaiting coronavirus test results, etc.), we will provide your therapy session online, as once therapy begins, it is important to keep to the schedule of appointments.

         d) If you miss two consecutive therapy sessions without providing us with more than 24 hours notice, it will be assumed that you no longer wish to continue with your services and your therapy time spot will be filled with a new client.


Please email (as well as your therapist) or call the office at 306-933-3222 if you need to change or cancel your appointments.


 Group therapy cancellations


Group members must make every effort to attend sessions to receive the full benefits. 

 Group work is dependent on all group members attending every session.  Your group will be most effective when everyone attends consistently as this allows group members to build rapport and skills over time.  It is disruptive in a group environment for time to be taken to coach students who have missed sessions to get them “up to speed,” and it is disrespectful to those students who attend consistently.  For these reasons, we offer our group sessions on a prepaid package basis, and no refunds will be given after group has begun. 

Please consult the details around holiday closures beforehand.  Semesters run from early September through December and January through mid-June.




Expectations when you come to SLN for Therapy


Coming for your appointment at The SLN


  • Complete the COVID-19 Self-Assessment questionnaire here
  • Coming for your appointment: case histories and forms will be sent ahead of time to keep contact minimal
  • It is recommended you bring a mask for yourself and/or your child for your appointment
  • Upon entering the clinic, you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer in the reception area and/or thoroughly washing your hands in the washroom
  • You will be asked to follow required social distancing recommendations in the waiting room and around the reception desk
  • Please observe common social distancing protocols while in our waiting area


After your appointment


  • The office manager and therapist will book any additional appointments recommended by your therapist
  • All payment will be done in a contactless manner including tap function on the debit machine or by e-transfer to
  • Receipts will be directly emailed to you upon receipt of payment


Ensuring your safety at The SLN


  • Pre-screening staff for signs of illness and sending home if illness should arise 
  • Pre-screening of clients upon booking and prior to entering the clinic
  • Socially distanced waiting room
  • Heightened cleaning protocol including wiping down all surfaces touched or utilized by a client after they have moved from the area
  • Contactless handling of intake forms are emailed prior to your arrival when possible 
  • Contactless payment options and emailed receipts
  • All staff will be washing their hands regularly, including therapists will be washing between each client

Existing and New Medical Conditions

The SLN is committed to providing a safe environment for the provision of services, both for the client and for the therapist(s). Our commitments extend throughout our practice, from first contact, to ensuring a clean environment with enhanced health protocols, to individual client risk assessment, and to post-procedure health and safety processes.

The client or client’s primary caregiver must keep us informed of any changes in health conditions.

We require clients to be in good health and free of nits, lice, respiratory, or contagious illnesses or infections. If any of these are present, service provision is to be deferred or administered remotely, and the client is to be advised to seek medical treatment.

If we detect a contagious health condition during service, we maintain the right as a private pay clinic to cease services, but will do so with maximum regard for the safety, privacy, and dignity of our clients.

Siblings in the waiting room

 New coronavirus protocols:

We uphold the standards of the public health advisories at  As you know, this is a quickly-changing situation, with protocols changing as needed.  We are limiting the number of people in the building at the present time, and controlling the number of people in the waiting room.  For the safety of all, we may require families to wait in the vehicle for the duration of the session.

 Non-coronavirus policy:

 Parents of children younger than 13 years old should stay in or very near the clinic during the session.  If on any particular day you feel your child is agitated or becomes easily agitated, please do NOT leave the clinic.  If you are bringing a sibling to the clinic, please bring some books or small toys for the sibling to play with.  We have a small selection of books available as well as a table where siblings can do homework, etc.  We expect siblings to maintain a reasonable level of calm and quiet during their time waiting.  If they need to move around please walk them down the sidewalk, however, make sure we have your cell phone number in case we need to call you.  Please do not leave your children unsupervised in the waiting room at any time.  Ensuring your children are following the waiting room expectations helps to create a comfortable environment for all.

Processing Claims or other Administrative Tasks

We are a “private pay” clinic, meaning that for most clients, our services must be paid for by the parents/guardians of the client or the adult client themselves. 

Our services may be covered by your insurance provider or employee benefits plan.  We are unable to advise you on your own plan benefits due to regulations surrounding privacy in the province of Saskatchewan.  We recognize that obtaining insurance coverage may be a difficult process and we wish to do what we can to make this difficult process easier.  If you are pre-approved for therapy with the following agencies, we are able to direct bill: Jordan’s Principle, Cognitive Disability Services, Family Services Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Government Insurance.  Please talk to us about pre-approved coverage with insurance agencies and/or benefits providers not listed here. 

Please understand there is an intensive time and cost related to gathering information for an insurance claim and a $20.00 administrative fee for extra administrative requests such as copies of previous invoices, reports, therapy handouts, etc will be charged for these requests.  We strongly encourage families to keep their own copies of their invoices and any reports or written updates we send to them each month. 

Please do not ask us to amend invoices for insurance claims that change the nature of the service provided.  We recognize that some insurance companies are willing to cover some services and not others (for example, individual sessions but not group sessions), but legally we are unable to indicate that we provided a service that we did not. This also means: indicating a future session has already occurred, or “burying” charges that are not related to therapy in the session charge.

We will not sign any contract offered to us by an insurance company that states that we agree to be paid a lesser fee than what we have established as our fee for service, even if the parent has paid our insurance administrative fee. 

Late child pickup

In the event that a child is not picked up at the end of the session, we reserve the right to charge a $50.00 fee for the first half hour, and $100 for 45 minutes.  We realize this may seem extreme, but as you know, many of our students do not deal well with stress and / or transition.  As the professional must start the next group on time and cannot stay with your child, this provides a very difficult situation for our staff.  We have adopted this policy in order to keep our clinical schedule running smoothly and allow our staff to devote their time to our students.