The Speech Language Network (SLN) Clinic Policies


All services are by appointment only. Please give us a call directly during our business hours to book an appointment, so that we can provide you with our real-time availability.  We do not use an online booking portal. Before coming to your appointment, all case history forms, and previous reports/assessments must be sent in ahead of time to ensure that the therapists can review them beforehand.  If this has not been completed ahead of time, it may need to be done when you arrive which will take time away from your scheduled session.

Upon arrival to the clinic, please complete the Health Screening Tool that can be found here: Health Screener


Clients who do not show up or miss their appointments will be charged a fee after one warning.  This policy is in place to ensure the appropriate utilization of therapists and clinic resources. We are dedicated to the therapy / training process and are committed to supporting our clients through their communication journey.

Due to the high volume of demand for Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy Services, we require 24-hours notice for all cancelled or re-scheduled appointments to avoid incurring a no-show fee. To cancel any appointments, we require that you notify one of our staff members during our scheduled clinic hours. We do not accept cancellation requests via voicemail or email. If two (2) consecutive therapy sessions are missed or cancelled (without rescheduling), your therapy spot will be given to another client.

If you are running late to your appointment, we request that you inform us ahead of time. We will do our best to provide services if you are a few minutes late. In the event that you arrive more than 20 minutes past your scheduled time, the appointment will be treated as a late cancellation, and a no-show fee will incur.


Group members must make every effort to attend the full set of therapy sessions to receive the full benefits.

Group work is dependent on all group members attending every session. Your group will be most effective when everyone attends consistently. It is disruptive in a group environment for time to be taken to coach clients who have missed sessions to get them “up to speed” and is disrespectful to those clients who attend consistently. For these reasons, we offer our group sessions on a prepaid package basis, and no refunds will be given after group has begun.


Payments for the sessions can be made prior to, or upon the completion of your appointment with debit or credit, or by e-transfer to Receipts will be directly emailed to you after your payment has been processed. If you require a printed copy, please make arrangements with our office staff. Due to the high volume of clients the SLN services, it may take up to 3 business days to process payments and issue receipts.

We do not provide direct billing; however, the required documentation will be provided to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider to clarify if they will cover speech therapy or occupational therapy services. We recognize that obtaining insurance coverage may be a difficult process and we wish to do what we can to make this process easier. If you are pre-approved for therapy with the following agencies, we are able to direct bill: Jordan’s Principle, Cognitive Disability Services, Family Services Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Government Insurance. Please talk to us about pre-approved coverage for any insurance agencies not mentioned above.

Please understand that as a busy private clinic, it takes a large amount of time to process administrative requests (i.e. producing copies of previous invoices, receipts, reports, therapy handouts, gathering further information for insurance claims, etc.). A $25.00 administrative fee will be issued.

Please do not ask us to amend invoices for insurance claims that change the nature of the service provided.  We recognize that some insurance companies are willing to cover some services and not others. Under no circumstances will the SLN indicate the false provision of services (i.e. indicating a future session has already occurred, “burying” charges that are not therapy related, providing services to clients yet billing out the session under a different individual’s name, etc.)


The SLN is committed to ensuring that our clinic is a positive, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone who enters the building.  We expect all individuals (staff, clients & family members) to be respectful towards each person they encounter.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any verbal, written or physical abuse. This includes any inappropriate language, any behaviours infringing on the dignity and wellbeing of another person, any violent behavior, etc. Those who do not act in compliance with our code of conduct will be discharged from the clinic and any further services will be terminated immediately.


The SLN is committed to providing a safe environment for the provision of services, both for the client and for the therapist(s). Our commitments extend throughout our practice. From first contact, we take pride in ensuring a clean environment with enhanced health protocols, assessing individual client risk, and maintaining post-procedure health and safety processes.

The client or client’s primary caregiver must keep us informed of any changes in health conditions.

We require clients to be in good health and free of nits, lice, respiratory, or contagious illnesses or infections. If any of these are present, service provision is to be deferred or administered remotely, and the client is to be advised to seek medical treatment.

If we detect a contagious health condition during service, we maintain the right as a private pay clinic to cease services, but will do so with maximum regard for the safety, privacy, and dignity of our clients.

If you have any questions regarding any of our policies, please feel free to contact us at 306-933-3222, or email Amanda Thomas, Clinic Manager, at