AGES:  18+

DATE:  Coming Spring 2022


Adult Stuttering Group

Join us in this one-day stuttering workshop to learn skills, gain insights, and share perspectives regarding stuttering with people who “get it.” You will gain confidence in speaking and learn skills to foster more positive speaking interactions. The workshop will include many meaningful activities including self reflections tasks, opportunities to practice new skills, discussion groups, and presentations. Led by Kara Broks, founder of The Speech Language Network and a skilled clinician in fluency and stuttering therapy.

 Past attendees of this workshop have said they feel better prepared for post-secondary education; more effective at work without the fear of speech failure and have a more positive perspective and outlook on communication moving forward.

Areas that will be covered:

  • Assessing stuttering severity and factors contributing to stuttering
  • Discussing emotional responses to stuttering
  • Perspective taking and paradigm shifts
  • Training in reducing fears and avoidance behaviours
  • Review of stuttering techniques & strategies
  • Managing stuttering
  • Improving effective communication
  • Saying what you want to say, when you want to say it
  • Stuttering acceptance

 Participants will be provided an introduction to each skill and given strategies to help support their learning and daily functioning.

You may benefit if:

You have social language difficulties, are concerned about speaking up at work or in school, are nervous about being considered for promotion due to fears of speaking in public, or need help with the skills above.


*Student rate applicable