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Training Program


Our 6 week Professional Communication Training Program supports participants in understanding the art and science behind effective communication and provides a friendly environment in which they can practice using their new communication tools. Areas covered include;  improving voice, projection, enunciation, fluency and sound accuracy. Other areas explored include learning to express ideas in a clear and concise manner and developing a deeper understanding of social language thinking skills necessary for connection with people professionally and socially 

Dates: October 2018 -dates TBA (will run Monday evening’s)


6 Session Stuttering/Effective Speaking Program
This 6 Session program was designed for Adults who are working on their voice, enunciation and fluent speaking skills.

Dates; Offered to client year around. Recommended the 6 sessions are completed in a three month period.

Your may benefit if you:

  • Have difficulty initiating and maintaining conversations.
  • Have troubles using fluent speech when speaking.
  • Have difficulties expressing your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Find your voice feels strained and/or if you lose your voice time to time.

Program includes:

  • 6 individual therapy sessions with an SLP.
  • Personalized goal setting for you (at the start and end of the program)
  • Active Daily Living Communication Tools (breath support techniques, voice projection, easy onset methods and
    conversation skills).
  • Information about the art and science behind effective speaking skills and how to use them socially and
Adult Social

Language Connection

The “Adult Social Language Connection” is intended to support adults with exceptionalities with their interaction and communication skills. The group allows for a safe and comfortable environment where adults learn skills to be more successful with their communication interactions and their social thinking and awareness skills. These skills support them in building confidence, connecting with their world and developing stronger connections and friendships that generalize outside the therapy setting.

(* Includes a three to four hour wind-up outing, mentorship, home programming and team involvement)

Important Notes:


To secure a spot in our programs, a credit card number will need to be provided upon registration. 


Evaluation Requirement:

For all new clients, a diagnostic review and/or a comprehensive assessment needs to be completed. To schedule your appointment, please fill out a contact form here One of our staff members will be in touch with you.