What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is all about working with the brain and body to foster self exploration and understanding.  In your life, have you ever experienced not being able to put a feeling into words?  You feel it in your body, your brain is working to express itself, but you just can’t verbalize it?

Art therapy works with your body and brain to promote self expression, making those thoughts and feelings easier to express. By using materials that help to soothe the nervous system and provide another mode of expression through artistic expression, art therapy can work for people of all ages and abilities. All humans are innately creative beings, making art therapy a natural choice for self expression.

Direct Art Therapy Services 

Art therapy combines traditional talk therapy with the artistic process that is created in the presence of a Professional Art Therapist. Art therapists provide a wide range of art materials to use in session and a non-judgmental disposition. The art is valued for what it communicates rather than for what it looks like, and no artistic talent or experience is necessary in order to benefit.  Your art therapist may suggest art directives, prompts or themes to explore in the art, leave it up to you, depending on their approach and your needs.  The meaning of your artworks will be discussed collaboratively with your therapist. Exploring your creations may evoke powerful feelings and provide new insights into your emotions or circumstances. To book a Direct Art Therapy Session with our Professional Art Therapist, please call Amanda Thomas our Office Manager at 306 933 3222 or visit www.thesln.com. Sessions are available Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s & Saturday’s. 

Six-Week Fall Art – Small Group Therapy Programs:

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