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*Services may be partially or fully covered by your extended health care benefits. Other funding options may be accessed in Saskatchewan on a case by case basis

2015- 2016 Cancellation Policy

To our valued families & clients,

Your scheduled session time is booked specifically for you. We are dedicated to the therapy/training process and our committed to supporting our clients through their communication and learning journey. Where an appointment for the delivery of the services is canceled by the client/guardian, they will pay the Speech Language Network:


  1. $0.00 if the cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment
  2. 100% of the scheduled payment if the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.
  3. Insignificant circumstance(s) (e.g., icy rural roads/highways, flu, etc) we ask that a make-up session be scheduled as soon as possible.

Please contact your service provider directly by email and phone to cancel appointments.


The Speech Language Network