AGES:  18+

DATE:  Coming Spring 2022

The ability to speak with clarity, confidence and connect with people is critical within the workplace, at school and in the community. To be an effective communicator you must be able to connect and be able to present your thoughts clearly and concisely with conviction.

This is necessary on many fronts including but not limited to; phone calls, online meetings, group work, formal and informal presentations, one-on-one conversations, impromptu discussions and Q and A sessions. Regardless of the situation, you need to use strong speech language skills and to sound authentic, confident and genuine.

In the Communication Training Program for Professionals and Post Secondary Students (CTPPS), you will learn how to use your voice in a healthy but effective manner, how to speak and communicate effectively and how to connect with people.

You will work with Kara Broks, Founder of the Speech Language Network and a full time Practicing Speech Language Pathologist who will teach you the art of connecting with others and will guide you to speak with confidence, clarity and an inspirational message. The CTPPS is a day-long intensive workshop which includes; an actionable communication plan, meeting people in a supportive learning environment, an opportunity to connect and share stories about communication triumphs and areas that are hard, and gaining a stronger sense of self and confidence when speaking.

This is for you if:

  • You want to improve your conversational skills
  • You’re somewhere between conversant and fluent
  • You’re in business and want a better command of the use of language
  • You speak with an accent and would like to refine it
  • You’d like to be better understood by other people
  • You’d like to better understand other people (social nuances, inflections)
  • You’d like to understand different personality types
  • You have anxiety in speaking with others
  • You’d like to feel more confident about mingling with strangers, or people you don’t know really well
  • You’d like to broaden your social circles and get out more but feel hampered by the way you talk and communicate
  • People have trouble understanding you (or perceive you the wrong way)
  • You don’t know what people mean by “the art of conversation” 

In these sessions you will learn how to develop and improve:

  • The use of your breath as it relates to the control of voice projection, fluency, effective speaking and enunciation
  • Your ability to express your thoughts with a clear, logical structure and be understood.
  • Your conversation skills with peers and colleagues at school, in the work place, and out in the community
  • Your understanding and use of the various social nuances of language such as sarcasm, humour, figurative language, slang
  • Approach communication with the intent to inspire action and connect.


All participant materials pre-work materials will be sent digitally prior to the course start date. Course learning includes watching recorded videos prior to Sunday September 19th, 2021. Participants will experience small group learning for one-on-one interaction and the ability to implement these learnings immediately. Participants will also be able to reflect on their implementation strategies during break out sessions.



*Student rate applicable