Clinic Dog

If you haven’t already met her, Dolly, also known as Dolly Girl, is the SLN’s beloved working hound. Dolly is a rescue greyhound who adores people, napping, and most importantly, snacks. She is a family pet loved and adored by three doting girls and her parents. When she is not relaxing at home, Dolly spends her days at the SLN working as a social coordinator and door greeter. Unlike most greyhounds however, Dolly doesn’t feel the need for speed very often. Because of her laid-back, gentle-yet-sassy personality is what makes her loved by all to walk through SLN’s doors.

Dolly is an integral member of the SLN team. She provides all clients and team members and clients with a daily sniff and a nuzzle. Not only is Dolly known for her long dramatic sighs and classic viewing of various roaching styles, Dolly is always well fashioned, sporting a variety of Hound Tees. Dolly can typically be found underfoot waiting for snacks to drop and/or “rooing” for pets! She is also able to sing several songs with a two-octave range with ‘Joy to the World’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ being some of her favorites. Dolly Girl is adored by all near and far. The SLN is very luck to have her as part of the team!

Next time you’re here, make sure you come and give her a snuggle or two!