Heather Tremblay

Reg. Speech-Language Pathologist
B.A., M. H. Sc., (C), S-LP
Heather’s career spans more than two decades and she brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the SLN team. Fully bilingual, she is able to offer therapy in both English and French. With a Bachelor of Linguistics and a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology, Heather works primarily with children under the age of 5, but she also has extensive experience working with children, youth and adults with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder,  Down Syndrome and others.

When she’s not working, Heather loves reading, singing and curling, as well as caring for her husband and five growing children.


  • Speech-Language Therapy for Infants, Toddlers and Children
  • Speech-Language Therapy for Adults (Cognitive Delays, Autism, Post Stroke, etc.)
  • Tongue Thrust Remediation
  • Late Talkers
  • Parent Education
  • Small Group Language Therapy
  • Children with Disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrome, and others)
  • Articulation and Phonology (Speech Production)
  • Phonological Awareness (Pre-Reading Skills)
  • Fluency/Stuttering (Pre-School and School-Age Children)
  • Social Skills (Pre-Speech Skills, Play Skills, With Peers: i.e. in a group)
Kara reading the Library Lion


  • Hanen Certified: It Takes Two to Talk, More Than Words, Target Word, ABC & Beyond
  • Orofacial Myology/Tongue Thrust: An Introduction with Assessment Applications
  • SCERTS trained
  • Has extensive experience using PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Program)
  • Pam Marshalla – Developing Intelligibility in Children with Limited Expressions: Apraxia, Dysarthria and Low Cognitive Skills
  • Tongue Tie 101 For SLPs: What Is Our Role?Will It Hurt? Frenotomy Aftercare Strategies to Optimize Healing Outcomes for the Newborn and Tethered Oral Tissues: beyond breastfeeding
  • Treating Selective Mutism as a Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Bilingualism, strategies for working with bilingual children and their families Best Practices in Bilingual Speech, Language and Literacy Assessment and Intervention for S-LPs
  • Stopping The Stuttering Trajectory In The Preschool Years
  • Using Social Competencies to Navigate in the Social World (Social Thinking)

  • Professional Member of SAC (Speech-Language & Audiology Canada)
  • Professional Member of SASLPA (Saskatchewan Association of Speech Language Pathologists & Audiologists)
  • Member of the Saskatchewan Private Practice Committee 2008-2018
  • Saskatchewan Registered Autism Spectrum Disorder Service Provider