Kids Chat Group


This group is for 5-7 year-old children who may have speech, language, or social language delays. A great way to facilitate speech-language development is to practice with peers.

Your child may benefit if he/she:

  • Is five to seven years old and does not use as many words or language as other children their age
  • Has trouble interacting with their peers
  • Has trouble communicating his/her thoughts and ideas
  • Leaves off sounds in words and/or changes sounds
  • Gets frustrated when not understood by family and peers
  • Has weak pre-literacy skills

This group includes:

  • A new theme each session with specific vocabulary/sound awareness activities and take-home materials
  • How to build language-learning opportunities into everyday activities and routines
  • Information about how you can use visual aids to help your child communicate (i.e. using pictures, visual schedules, sentence strips, etc.)
  • How to turn books into fun and interactive language-learning time and how to teach your child essential early literacy skills

This group is offered on Saturday.   Please inquire for more information. 306 933 3222