SLN - Psychological Services

What are Psychological Services here at the Speech Language Network?

Psychological services at the SLN include Psychoeducational Assessments and Behaviour Assessments. These services will be provided by Chelsea McConnell, our Registered Psychologist. Her goal when working with clients and families is to provide meaningful and scientifically based clinicial support. During the process she will ensure that everyone involved understands the individual being asessed. She will review their strengths, areas of need and what needs to be done to help them meet learning, behavioural and emotial needs with regards to everyday life.

What might the Psychologist do during the Assessment?

The psychologist may conduct formal testing to gain a better understanding of the client’s current skills and abilities. “Formal” tests may look at different areas related to learning and behaviour, for example, the client’s thinking or reasoning skills, memory, behaviour, and social/emotional functioning, to help understand you/them, and determine the best ways to help with learning and general well-being. “Informal” tests may include checklists that are filled in by parents/guardians/teachers/colleagues to also give a glimpse into the client’s everyday daily life. The psychologist may also discuss with you events surrounding school and/or work experiences, review school records and reports that may have been completed by other professionals who have worked with you/your child.

What is the process at the Speech Language Network with the Psychologist?

The first step will be to have an Initial Intake & Recommendation session booked with the psychologist, either in-person or online at the therapist’s discretion. This session will give the psychologist the chance to discuss with you about why you are seeking services, information about your/your child’s strengths and areas of need. This may include your/their history, early development, learning, behaviours, emotions and will help to determine how you and or your child communicates and socializes with others. The intake and recommendation session will help the psychologist to determine if it is appropriate to move forward with an Assessment(s). If the care plan involves booking a formal assessment, the psychologist will discuss with you the length of time that will be required and the fees associated with the assessment.

Assessments can be booked through our administrative team, by phoning 306-933-3222 or in-person at the office, assessments will not be booked via email. A deposit of $500 will be required and must be received before booking the assessment.

Assessments (both psychoeducational and behaviour) will be scheduled in-person at the clinic for 2-4 hours depending on the length of time required by the individual’s needs. For children, during the assessment time, you may be asked to attend the session until the child feels comfortable with the psychologist, at which time you are free to wait in the waiting area. We do encourage you to bring a water bottle and snack (if the assessment is for your child – a comfort item or two will help the child feel comfortable during the session). Breaks will occur throughout the assessment to keep from overwhelming you/your child.

Once the assessment is completed, the psychologist will write a report and or summary note that will outline the results from the assessment process and provide you with a copy. If you would like a copy of the report provided to a school or someone else, please ensure that you have completed our Consent to Share form. Copies will not be provided to any other agencies if we do not have that form signed.

Contact us today to schedule an initial intake session with our Psychologist.

Have Coverage for Therapy Services?

Many insurance providers offer coverage for speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and Psychoeducational or Behaviour Assessments. We encourage you to inquire with your insurance provider to determine if your private insurance plan has coverage for these services. Receipts will be provided to you with the required documentation for reimbursement purposes. The Speech Language Network is an approved service provider for the following: